Monday, June 19, 2006

A French-kiss of death to France?

France remain without a win in the World Cup finals since their 1998 victory over Brazil after South Korea came from behind to snatch a point.
France Vs Korea
Now South Korea leading the group with four points and france on the second seat with two points and appearently they wont make it to the second round, isn't it nice to see teams like Italy and france get beaten like this?

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  1. France are pathetic. They have the worst coach in the world and one of the most boring attacking systems. Thiery Henry is such a loser for France and he never plays like he does for Arsenal. If they were in any other group they would surely go home by now, but I think we will see the end of this participation very soon. Of course thses remarks are from a veteran France supporter since 1978 who has lsot all faith after Dominique was chosen as a coach!

  2. I totally agree that the French team playing in this World Cup is very bad maybe the worst. The viewers can sense problems among the team thus making their goal to win a match pretty minimal or zero. They still suffer from the Senegal curse.

  3. Iam so happy '7alas france out :):) its like my wedding day :D