Thursday, May 25, 2006

gal sho ? bedha was6a!

(00:18:08) Roba: bi khara design projects
(00:18:30) Jad: ah graduation project?
(00:18:37) Roba: no
(00:18:40) Roba: i'm not graduating this year
(00:18:42) Roba: next year
(00:19:01) Roba: 3endak wastat ma3 ay 7ada min ta3un shelet il 3oloom il 3askareyeh?
(00:19:54) Jad: If I help you, you will start saying Jordanians are was6anjiyeh we absar sho
(00:20:01) Jad: sebeni menkom enti o G
(00:20:03) Roba: hehe
(00:20:05) Jad: jooz 3onsoriyeh
(00:20:05) Roba: lak la2
(00:20:09) Roba: i'm not G
(00:20:14) Jad: you could be worse
(00:20:20) Roba: ma 3endi heik 7aki ana
(00:20:54) Jad: so a yes or no question
(00:20:55) Roba: anyway G 3anjad palestinian
(00:20:59) Roba: he actually lived there
(00:21:08) Jad: Do you appreciate using Wasta in universities ?
(00:21:08) Roba: i consider myself more jordanian than palestinian
(00:21:22) Roba: in 3oloom 3askareyeh?
(00:21:22) Roba: sure
(00:21:27) Jad: haha
(00:21:30) Jad: I'm blogging this NOW
(00:21:41) Roba: blog away
(00:21:47) Roba: and ask iza 7ada 3endo wasta
(00:21:49) Roba: since you dont
(00:21:50) Roba: i want a wasta
(00:22:19) Roba: beddi anja7
(00:22:23) Roba: bedun ma a7dar
(00:22:29) Jad: aha
(00:22:54) Jad: did you try to bribe them ?
(00:23:01) Roba: i didnt try yet
(00:23:05) Roba: i dont want to even try
(00:23:11) Roba: i want someone else to do everything for me
(00:23:32) Jad: you mean you want someone to do your dirty work ?
(00:23:43) Roba: well since i cant do it
(00:23:52) Roba: if you ever need a wasta withsomeone from nables ill help out
(00:23:55) Jad: why not? you aren't disabled
(00:24:17) Jad: haha
(00:24:21) Jad: walahi I love you
(00:24:25) Roba: hehehehe
(00:24:30) Roba: ok that is worth blogging
(00:24:40) Jad: 3an myself (jad) i never thought you are of this type!
(00:25:07) Roba: lol

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