Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cleaning Technologies: Ajax VS Flash

(17:30:18) dadan |: BE3 (Reads: BOO)
(17:30:27) Jad: ahlan(Reads: welcome)
(17:30:36) dadan |: kefak walak(Reads: How are you?)
(17:31:11) Jad: taman (reads:I'm fine)
(17:32:48) dadan |: ana bede aroo7 ajeeb flash mashan ash6of ... enta hows ur day ?(Reads: going to get flash to clear the floor and how was your day)
(17:33:29) Jad: man Ajax is better than flash at least it doesn't require any plugin to run

sorry for the poor translation but I guess it works.

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