Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yemza3 saba7ak: 7alga ragam wa7ad

Breaking News: >Reuters-Cnn-Amman-Aqaba wa bil3aks 20 minutes ago: and have teamed up to produce the new PodCast that will revolutionize the PodCasting World and flip it upside down... (or not)... And so with much Happiness and pleasure and without further ado, Jad and bakkouz proudly Present The Free Open Source Windows/Linux compatible
totaly democratic Uncut Uncensored and absolutely pointless PodCast Yemza3 Saba7ak :

.OGG format (Ogg is a patent-free, fully open multimedia bitstream container format designed for efficient streaming and file compression (storage) Wikipedia)
4.0M 7alga-ragam-wa7ad.ogg (Mirror: Amazon S3)
4.0M 7alga-ragam-wa7ad.ogg (Mirror:

.MP3 format (popular digital audio encoding and lossy compression format Wikipedia)
6.5M 7alga-ragam-wa7ad.mp3 (Mirror: Amazon S3)
6.5M 7alga-ragam-wa7ad.mp3 (Mirror:

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  1. LOL
    Well, Thank you for wasting my last 7 mins in this.
    it was funny

  2. ala, thank you dude, your comment making us verrrrrrrrry happy dude, at least we were able to help you in wasting your time dude

  3. ah u have a post here about it :p wallah it was so nice!! jad funny and that pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(bye) is the funniest lol