Friday, April 7, 2006

a crash course in ungratefulness with ahmad khundaqji

It's easy to despise what you cannot afford.


but this is exactly whats happening with a 22 year old boy who's name we've never heard of but today we smelled him and really he smells really bad.
I'm not trying here to defend Isam for personal reasons but for community reasons as my relation with him started with Jolug when he first called me to setup a hosting account for Jolug, Isam is a very passionate person and it's unlikely to have the chance to know such passionate people like him he was always the first to give and the first to build what WE failed to do.

I've known Isam for almost 5 years now and all I can remember from him is giving starting with Arabeyes, Jolug, and now Jordan-planet all of this was just as a volunteer work because he loves to give and he is very successful in what he's doing and now Khunaqji is saying he's not professional.

Yes, Isam isn't professional because he volunteered (with others) to found Jordan Linux users group, he's unprofessional because he volunteered to help in arabizing Linux operating system and he's unprofessional because the world is reading our thoughts and news through his community project Jordanplanet.

Mr Khundaqji, Mind telling us who you are? what have you done for others?

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  1. I believe that great men dont need someone to defend them or their work, great men's actions and works actually can speak and defend them, we all do mistakes at work/school, this's how we become professional, we learn from our mistakes.

    i just cant find ahmad's attack sensible, and I dont think isam will care anyway :)

  2. I don't know what Linux is, but I have talked to Isam once and he has my utmost repsect. Thanks for coming to his defense, I'm with you!

  3. Thanks ya abo Madi for your kind words.. I have nothing to add or to say about this matter.. but I think that Nader's post summerize my thoughts about it.. that is someome bashing me looking for attention.. anyhow.. Thanks again..