Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Linux university dude!

Unfortunately we don't have Linux in our universities in Jordan and this is maybe because of the idiotically old fashion management and could be the generous (why) support of Microsoft labs and as Political science student I had the chance only in one class to use Microsoft labs where they tought us how to install office and how install antiviruses LOL anyway this isn't the story

The story is that I love NOVELL and I hate WHO DONT LOVE IT, asking why is that ?

Linux University for Developers

Linux University for Developers is a collaborative initiative by developers, designed for developers to share their knowledge on how easy it is to create software on Linux. The content on this open community site is geared towards showing and doing using flash-based, interactive lessons, rather than articles or lengthy documentation. Would you like to request that a specific Linux University tutorial be built on a topic of your choice? Would you like to join a community of developers and contribute your own tutorial? Subscribe to the lu4d mailing list and get involved today!

guys, I'm student again :-)

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  1. IT department in the Hashemite University established an Open Source Committee , linux is one of its objectives sure
    Thursday Mar 30,2006 was the fourth meeting , the committee consists of students and instructors , soon we will have some thing like - we hope that -.

    more details will be available soon . the website and more is in underconstruction till now.

  2. Yes Jad, We have been working behind the seen for a while now,,,,
    ill be posting about it within a couple of days, that is when we will be having our 1st attack ;)

  3. We Have Linux at our University Labs !

  4. abed, I guess its more than just having a Nr of PCs running Linux!

    Check this