Thursday, February 23, 2006

Online Volunteering

So you want to give back to community, humanity or you are just interesting in volunteering but you don't have time or there is no NGO around you? OK, now you can volunteer online with and here is some F.A.Qs and you can start searching for assignments

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  1. Jad, my first thought was 'great!" but my second was, "there are so many hands on, face-to-face volunteering needs in Jordan - why go on-line for something else?"

    Face-face helping builds bonds, if there is one thing East Amman needs, it is bonds with West Amman. I've written to Lina about how many public schools outside of Amman have computers hanging around in boxes gathering dust. Getting these kids computer literate is essential to their future, and Jordan's. With your expertise, and other planet citizens, you can make a differnce right smack where your talents and interests lie.

  2. Kinzi,
    I agree, face-face helping builds bonds, but if the other face is unknown how you can proceed? Unfortunately we don't have NGOs in Jordan or at least I think so because I have never seen an advert for any asking for some volunteers on the other hand Online volunteering is good because you have build a connection with outside NGOs and at the end the goal is to help others.

    Now, Can you blog about these public schools to give us more information on what's needed to be done and how to contact them?