Wednesday, January 11, 2006

me, I and my origin

I don't know why people like to mess things up, they do not understand it ? or they don't want to ?
people are used to give tall stories about everything and we are used to listen to such tall stories everyday but when it comes to me, I and my Origin NOOOOOOOOOO

Having green eyes means this person is normal, and it doesn't necessary means he's not pure Jordanian.
being 3egbawi from doesn't mean I'm used to Cocaine, Heroin or Marijuana, or I'm a smuggling consultant.

Come on, what's happening to people these days?
and this is not the end of the story, I have key medal with a small hand paint on it, a Caucasian young guy and girl, now not knowing what this sign means doesn't justify your assumption that I'm Christian and the paint on the medal belongs to the Virgin Mary and the funny is the assumption say You are Iraqi Christian, because they are the only arab who respects The Virgin Maryand the irony is that at the same time of receiving that comment I was setting with christian friend who have little beard, and they used to call him sheekh!

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  1. Every time someone asks you to do something ask if they want fries with that.

  2. Dude! I thought you?re Christian because your name is "Jad", then I recognized that you?re a Muslim because a friend of mine called ?Islam??? Madi ..hehe

  3. and what is that ur hiding about ur origin that u don't want people to ask u :P

  4. LOL, I'm not hiding anything, maybe I wasn't clear enough but people assumes if your name is Jad then you are Christian, if you are from aqaba then definitely you are a smuggler! and I'm just criticizing this behaviour.