Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I was checking some of my 2004 posts, and decided to post list of the most interesting 2004 posts.

  1. Personal

  2. After closing my office, I decided to go back to univerisity, and then to stop smoking.

  3. linux

  4. First one is modified article of Breaking letter to IE, I modified it to break up letter to microsoft

  5. apple

  6. and now apple

    • apple macintoosh

  7. Microsoft

  8. omg! haha Microsoft in egypt

    • microsoft waves in egypt

  9. Funny

  10. some jokes

  11. Local

  12. Some local photos

  13. Jordan planet

  14. Jordan planet related posts reminds of some people I've met in JP meetups, JP april fool and JP voting campaign, Jameed's campaign was great.

  15. Interesting

  16. Last post is the most interesting post because after two hours of posting it I received call from American private investigator because I published some photos of Ovcharka dog from another website without having written permission or a copyright to publish these photos, despite the post was like an excerpt with a read more link to the original website, and you know what's interesting? After 45 minutes phone call with the investigator I become a close friend with the website owner and she gave me permission to post two pictures for that breeds.

    • Caucasian Ovcharka dog

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