Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google el Goordoni

No fear google el Goordoni is here! maybe they've heard us begging to get the slowness problem solved last month.

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  1. There is also new not just Jordan

  2. but do I care about as for Google.Jo ?

  3. hehe ? Actually Google have bought the domains:,, quit a time ago?. it was directed to the usual Google Arabic that appears when u open Google for the very 1st time from a PC in an Arabic country.

    I?ve been working for about 5 months with Abu Ghazale Intellectual Property (AGIP) which are probably the most powerful division now of TAGI , I finished my work with them just last week actually (I was working on a project, remember the CRM talk at the JordanPlanet meetup!) ?. and i?ve asked about the story (since i know that google has those domains before starting with AGIP) and they have told me that they ?Google??? have bought domains in many arab countries, not only Jordan, but jordan was the 1st? and told me that google is ?Planning something ;) ??? I didnt really expect them to start it with Jordan, and to be honest i thought it?s just a kind of protection for their domain name, and maybe a future plan?.

    but can i say, Google Roxx and rolls ;)