Friday, November 25, 2005

War against their ideology not their evil men

Our war isn't against their evil men, because unfortunately nobody can stop a man willing to die, our war with the ideology that makes death reasonable for them...

Terrorists reduced Islam in jihad, Jihad in fighting, Fighting in killing, killing in killing innocent people and they speak no politics.

A shaikh to shaikh, a shaikh of Islam and shaikh of terror may result in admission of their mistake, or at least feeding some weak minds with the true Islamic ideology, Yes, it's the war of cleaning minds of dirts instead of clearing it, Actually that was Saudis did with terror and later the shaikh of terror become one of Saudis army against terror.

I wonder how we're going to benefit of Shaikh maqdisi thoughts on this, Al-maqdisi is the shaikh of Al-qaeda, and he's against killing, b

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