Friday, August 19, 2005

One-man-comedy "The Mansaf Trail from Amman to Ramallah"

One-man-comedy "The Mansaf Trail from Amman to Ramallah" | Jad Thoughts: "First of all I would like to thank Lina for taking care of Jordanplanet - Amman This Month section

It was really great show, Nabil sawlha is well known comedian in Jordan, and today show was so special, he stated his deep thoughts in today's show, he had a message to deliver and I think it was delivered.

His show was somehow pulse of Jordanians, he talked about Government, ministers, people, Jordanian Palestinian relation, the differences between today's family customs and how it was before.

And at the end of the show he announced about his coming soon shows at his theater, and the most important was his Laughter club! YES Laugh club in Jordan, Just go and laugh and no one will say it's 'gelet 2adab', He spent couple of minutes talking about the advantages of laugh.

Thanks to The Royal Film Commission for hosting Nabil today, and Thanks again Lina."

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