Friday, August 19, 2005

Aqaba blast 'at U.S. storage area' | Jad Thoughts

Aqaba blast 'at U.S. storage area' | Jad Thoughts: "(CNN) -- An explosion occurred Friday in the Jordanian southern port city of Aqaba, and its cause was under investigation, Interior Minister Aouni Yarfas said.

Port officials told CNN the explosion took place in a storage area used by by American forces when they are in port. There are currently two U.S. military vessels in the port.

Meanwhile, The Associated Press quoted police and witnesses as saying a Katyusha rocket fired from Jordan fell on the outskirts of the airport of Israel's Red Sea resort of Eilat but did not explode.

A local police commander, Avi Azulin, said the rocket left a small crater in the road about 15 meters (yards) from the airport fence. The commander said the rocket was fired from nearby Jordan, AP reported.

A passing taxi driver was lightly injured, AP said, although witnesses said the rocket did not hit his car."
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