Thursday, May 5, 2005

:Jordan: Jordan bears

bears mosaic
JORDAN bears
Originally uploaded by pinkick.
Drop your weapons! hands up!

you know what, I'm in jordan and this is the first time I see thos bears, where are they exactly ?
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  1. Oh, wow, that's really weird, i've never seen them either! And they're actually kind of cool... Let us know if you find out where they are from.

  2. I have never seen them either but I haven't been back to Jordan in 4 years. I think these are "firqet salahif al ninja al isti3radiyeh" after they lost their popularity and eventually were dressed as bears, mummified and displayed in "hadeeqit al toyoor".

  3. This is really weird! but I guess they'd be either in a park or a children center!

    Didn't the source you got them from mention anything to guide you where they are?

  4. Oh that my photo!
    Sorry, Excactly
    That's bears named
    'UNITED budy beares"

    It's not only JORDAN
    but 127 nations's.

    I started from BELLIN.
    And Now there are
    in TOKYO until 8th MAY 2005.

    After that they are
    moving another coutry.

    more info
    (JAPANESE but more photo
    about the project)

  5. Hey
    Thank you PinKick, for the info and URLS,
    really great shots,
    wonder if they are going to have some landing in jordan for a while..

  6. ya3ni hathol mish "salahif il ninja"?

  7. la man, mesh 7alasif el ninja!

    here's the Jordanian Bear.. It doesn't look like a bear to me!!

  9. Oh, anman has plan to invite the bears in 2006.