Sunday, May 29, 2005

:Copycat: Microsoft GetInternetExplorer

Microsoft copycat website for Internet explorer
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  1. That's the only thing MS is good at. Taking a successful project, making it unstable and putting a hefty price tag on it. The best Arabic word to describe MS is, well, "3ar*at", excuse my 7ara language...

    Based on your recommendation, I am downloading Ubunutu's Live CD.

  2. Cool, don't forget to check

  3. I have been playing around witht he live CD for the past couple of hours. Really neat distro. It shares the disadvantages of other distros, namely mp3 and DVD support out of the box and automatically mounting the windows partition. These are not hard to fix. However, after spending quite a bit of time getting SUSE to look and work the way I want it, I am not sure I want to install a different distro. BUt I can tell you from the short experience with Ubuntu, if I ever change my SUSE, it will be for Ubuntu.