Tuesday, February 8, 2005

:Local: ADS to carry a good content

Running a web site, and lets say a portal is not only setting up a CMS (content management system) but its delivering a good content, and keep the content under control. Even 3rd party content such as advertisement
Today, while browsing some Jordanian websites, I found Irbidnet.com which have somehow a good content, but they forget about the 3rd party content which is the advertisement in our case.
I'm not sure if they forgot or they picked the fast cash ADS type? Which is hmm porno ADS?
as you can see next to the Jordanian flag there is a three ADS Meet sexy singles, Sexy personals/pix, and Viagra generic with a FREE delivery!!!
and same under the king Abdullah picture

click here to see the screenshot

I have sent email to them about this issue, hopefully they can solve it soon.
Follow up: just got email from webmaster@irbidnet.com
Thank you for contacting us, we will remove that ads within 48 work hours
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  1. they didn't remove it until now :-(

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  3. About the adult ads on irbidnet.com


    thanks for the notice

    Jorecom team / phpSpiders