Monday, February 7, 2005

:Games: They Funniest license I ever read

yeah its the funniest and the most weird license I have ever read
I will quote some

10. This game is NOT intended to be a cute, fluffy, pink game. That is, we will not enforce a
family friendly atmosphere. We also do NOT censor words, so if you are offended by some words,
it is a good idea NOT to use this game.
If you are a parent, reading this, and you wonder if it is safe for your little, cute, pink,
innocent girl, then the answer is: "Maybe, or maybe not". It depends on the way you educated
your kid[s]. If they were educated properly, then, most likely, you won't have to worry. If they
weren't, then worry! In fact, if they are not educated properly, we highly suggest you to remove
this software from your computer, and get some nasty, ugly software that blocks your kids access
to 'evil' Internet places.
If you are offended by this paragraph, then... oh well, poor you.
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