Sunday, January 23, 2005

:Linux: Ubuntu in progress....

Connection Status Received
1 Downloading 69373.5K of 133832.0K
2 Downloading 79904.6K of 133832.0K
3 Downloading 113800.0K of 133832.0K
4 Downloading 66054.8K of 133832.0K

File Size = 535328K
Total bytes received = 329132.9K (61.48%)
Current speed = 38.34Kb/s, Average D/L speed = 47.11Kb/s
Time remaining 1 hours 12 minutes 57 seconds

Resume Supported

Ctrl-R to exit and resume later
Ctrl-X to exit without resuming later
Ctrl-L to repaint the screen

Connect OK!

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